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High-tech zones of Guangzhou and Haikou collaborate to build advanced manufacturing park

Updated : 2024-03-27

Guangzhou national high-tech industrial development zone and Haikou national high-tech industrial development zone joined forces to establish the Guangdong-Hainan Advanced Manufacturing Cooperation Industrial Park. 

The investment promotion conference, held in Guangzhou on March 19, witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between the two zones.

With a focus on shared development and leveraging their strategic positions, Guangzhou high-tech zone will play a pivotal role in advancing the Greater Bay Area's development, while Haikou high-tech zone aims to synergize with the Hainan Free Trade Port.

The industrial park, situated in Haikou's Mei’an Ecological Science and Technology New Area, will concentrate on biomedicine, new-generation electronics, and food processing. Already underway, the park has attracted significant investment and key enterprises.

This partnership reflects a commitment to quality growth, fostering cooperation through investment promotion, technology transfer, and policy coordination. 

The collaboration underscores their dedication to innovation and economic progress, and it signifies a significant step towards realizing the vision of shared development between two areas.

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