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Huangpu initiates major urban renovation projects

Updated : 2024-03-22

Huangpu district in Guangzhou has passed three significant urban renovation initiatives, signaling a substantial transformation underway.

In the Miaotou village renovation project, the total construction area has surged from 0.37 to 1.68 million square meters. This includes enhanced road networks and 127 new public facilities, catering to the needs of over 34,100 residents. 

Educational infrastructure will also receive a boost with new opening of kindergartens and schools. The project, slated from 2024 to 2028, aims to elevate living standards significantly.


The rendered image of renovation projects. [Photo/WeChat account: hpqshjscjh]

Meanwhile, the Fengxia village, attached to the line 14 of Guangzhou Metro, promises to accommodate over 70,000 residents across 122.48 hectares. The plan emphasizes innovation clusters and comprehensive public services, including the construction of 11 schools catering to various education levels.

In another development, the Shabu renovation will reach significant milestones, with the topping-out of certain blocks. Covering approximately 320,000 square meters, this project will house more than 1,600 households. A forthcoming ballot scheme prioritizes residents without existing housing agreements.

These initiatives underscore Huangpu's commitment to urban renewal, offering residents improved living standards and affirming its role as a leader in urban redevelopment across the city.

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