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Huangpu transforms unused land into sports park

Updated : 2024-02-29

The once barren land of Wahugang Sports Park in Yuzhu Street, Huangpu district, has transformed into a sports park. Now equipped with leisure and entertainment facilities, the park features children's play areas, fitness zones, and sports fields, offering residents an ideal location for leisure activities and exercise.

This transformation was driven by the residents' call for an improved quality of life. In a collaborative effort between the Huangpu district government and multiple departments, this plot of land was retrofitted into a green public space. The park has not only added to the beauty of the urban landscape but has also integrated into the daily lives of residents, enhancing the community's cultural atmosphere.

The successful renovation of Wahuang Sports Park underscores Huangpu's proactive commitment to improving public amenities and enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Looking ahead, Yuzhu Street aims to host a greater variety of activities, further enriching the cultural and spiritual lives of the community.

The Wahugang Sports Park..jpg

The Wahugang Sports Park.

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