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Guangzhou's 1st Sunshine School to open in Huangpu

Updated : 2024-02-28

Huangpu district in Guangzhou is set to welcome the nation's first "Sunshine School" - Guangzhou Kaiyuan School (West Campus), marking a significant project for the region's public welfare. 

Located in the Hefeng area of Yonghe Street, the school spans approximately 42,120 square meters with a total construction area of 65,731 sq m, comprising new teaching buildings, a comprehensive building, a playground, and a gymnasium. The school is scheduled to open its doors to students in September this year.

The design concept of the school is innovative, aiming to provide students with a learning and growth environment that is more liberated and closer to nature. Classrooms, known as "sunshine classrooms," are designed without walls to allow natural light to flood in, and each classroom comes with a "private garden," enhancing students' closeness to nature.

The "Sunshine School" project is a pioneering exploration of a new campus layout in the country. It is a collaborative effort involving Professor Liu Yubo, the head of the Department of Architecture at the South China University of Technology, authoritative pediatric ophthalmologists, and an education team. The design integrates landscape and architecture, blending greenery with space, and harmonizing functionality with curriculum, all while introducing the innovative "stepped garden" design concept.

Moreover, the project leverages the northern side's mountainous green landscape to design a dynamic and integrated classroom. Every classroom is equipped with a "sunshine set," ensuring that every classroom achieves a dynamic lighting standard rate of 100 percent through southward lighting from the north side, thereby providing a brighter and more uniform lighting environment that is both eye-friendly and conducive to a healthier and more comfortable learning atmosphere.

The Huangpu district education bureau highlighted that this school would serve as a comprehensive campus that integrates learning, entertainment, and living, aiming to become a beloved institution for teachers and students, satisfying for parents, and praised by society. The project aims to alleviate the pressure on primary school admissions in the Yefeng area of Yonghe Street and offers residents access to a greater number of high-quality primary education positions.

A rendering of the nation's first Sunshine School..png

A rendering of the nation's first "Sunshine School".

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