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Huangpu's golden rapeseed flower sea welcomes visitors in spring

Updated : 2024-02-27

With spring breezes gently blowing, the rapeseed flowers at Huangpu Changling Modern Agricultural Park are blossoming like a sea of gold, attracting numerous visitors. 

This field of rapeseed flowers, is one of Huangpu's "Urban Agricultural Park" demonstration projects, perfectly blending modern agriculture with leisure tourism.

The sea of rapeseed flowers has become a popular spot for city dwellers to relax, take photos, and enjoy their weekends. With complimentary admission and easily accessible transportation, the park provides a delightful floral panorama and amenities such as a miniature train ride, ensuring an enjoyable experience for both adults and children.

Changling Modern Agricultural Park offers a superb opportunity for the public to engage with nature and immerse themselves in the pastoral lifestyle, achieved through the integration of agriculture with cultural tourism, research learning, and science popularization.

Changling Modern Agricultural Park..png

Changling Modern Agricultural Park.

The sea of rapeseed flowers..png

The sea of rapeseed flowers.

A girl poses for a nice photo with a fan..jpg

A girl poses for a nice photo with a fan.

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