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Discover Guangzhou's Changzhou Island, Shengjing village

Updated : 2024-02-21

Changzhou Island and Shengjing village, integrating stunning natural landscapes with rich historical and cultural heritage, have become new highlights attracting tourists to Guangzhou. 

Easily accessible by Line 7 of the metro, Changzhou Island is renowned for its unique historical significance and ecological beauty. Shengjing village, with its 700-year history and well-preserved Lingnan architecture, is highly revered.

Visitors to Changzhou Island can enjoy cycling along the greenway, exploring ancient buildings and memorial halls, and experiencing family fun in urban agricultural parks. Shengjing village is a perfect showcase of traditional Lingnan culture and offers a wide variety of local delicacies, including their famous roast goose.

These attractions enrich Guangzhou's tourism landscape and offer visitors a unique journey through time to experience the essence of Lingnan culture.

Changzhou Island Urban Agricultural Park..png

Changzhou Island Urban Agricultural Park.

The ancient building in Shengjing village..jpg

The ancient building in Shengjing village.

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