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Huangpu welcomes 4 new pocket parks

Updated : 2024-02-04

Huangpu district in Guangzhou recently added four new "Pocket Parks," offering residents more choices for recreation and leisure. These newly opened parks, each with unique features, cater to different community needs. They include Binjiang Sports Pocket Park, Donghui Children's Pocket Park, Red Wine Street Pocket Park, and Jinbi Leisure Pocket Park.

Binjiang Sports Pocket Park, located on the southeast side of No 92 Chuangye Road, covers an area of about 5,000 square meters. It's designed with the "Maritime Silk Road vitality" theme, incorporating cultural elements into the park, including a jogging loop and diverse outdoor fitness facilities.

Donghui Children's Pocket Park, situated beside Donghui Apartment, spans approximately 2,300 sq m. This park is designed around a "Big Tree Playground," integrating natural landscapes to create a child-friendly recreational area.

Red Wine Street Pocket Park, located on the west side of the intersection of Guangbao Avenue and Baojin Road, covers around 1,700 sq m. Inspired by the culture of red wine, the park offers a multifaceted entertainment experience centered around leisure and vacation themes.

Jinbi Leisure Pocket Park, found at the southern junction of Jinbi Road and Baoshi Road, occupies about 4,300 sq m. The park has undergone renovations to enhance its facilities, including children's play areas, sports facilities, and an upgraded badminton court, providing a multifunctional leisure space for residents.

These pocket parks enrich the urban green spaces of Huangpu and provide convenient leisure spots for residents, enhancing the community's vibrancy.

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