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Huangpu's winter splendor unfolds with vibrant bald cypress, blossoms

Updated : 2024-01-09

This winter, the scenic beauty of Huangpu district has once again become a focal point of attention. The bald cypress trees around the major parks and lakesides have transitioned to a vivid red, entering their best viewing period of the year and presenting a colorful visual feast for visitors.

In the China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (CSGKC), particularly during the winter at Phoenix Lake Park, a colorful banquet of hues unfolds. From December to January, the leaves of the Bald Cypress transition from green to yellow and eventually to red before falling, creating a unique natural spectacle.

At Huangpu Innovation Park, the lush greenery contrasts with the golden yellow of the Bald Cypress trees along the sides of the lake, seemingly dividing the scenes of summer and winter. These colorful trees are like a spilled palette of nature, offering a sense of romanticism in winter.

Furthermore, Luogang Xiangxue Park is witnessing the gradual peak flowering period. In addition to the famous "10-mile Plum Forest," a stunning Bald Cypress forest adds to the allure. The intertwining of the bright red leaves with plum blossoms, one side covered with white "snow" and the other ablaze with winter warmth, can only be fully appreciated in person.

This year's winter in Huangpu provides visitors with an unforgettable natural scenery experience.

Beautiful Bald Cypress..jpg

Beautiful Bald Cypress.

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