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Huangpu unveils trendy red wine cultural street

Updated : 2023-12-28

The Red Wine Cultural Street construction in the Huangpu district is progressing rapidly. This commercial district showcases innovative consumption models and is an essential platform for displaying Maritime Silk Road culture. 

Integrating historical and cultural resources such as the Nanhai God Temple and Rongde Alley has become a popular spot for residents and tourists.

A highlight of the area is the Mufeng Ancient Piano Museum. This thematic museum focuses on ancient pianos and combines exhibition spaces, concert halls, and libraries, offering a comprehensive artistic experience. The museum boasts a collection of over 3,000 items, including more than 400 ancient pianos.

After completing the Red Wine Cultural Street, the Mufeng museum will regularly host various cultural events, enriching the regional cultural atmosphere. Additionally, the opening of the Red Wine Street Pocket Park, covering an area of approximately 2,000 square meters and featuring facilities like an activity plaza, an outdoor western restaurant, and a sunlit lawn, will provide a new fashionable lifestyle destination combining leisure and vacation.

The Box Restaurant within the park is expected to become a new landmark of the cultural street. Situated near the Huangpu Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the Red Wine Cultural Street enjoys multiple policy benefits, attracting businesses and investors.

Completing the Red Wine Cultural Street will create new recreational spaces for residents, marking it as a new cultural and commercial highlight of Guangzhou.

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