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Poly Yuzhu Time opens in Huangpu

Updated : 2023-12-27

The new leisure landmark in Guangzhou's Huangpu district, Poly Yuzhu Time, is set to grandly open on Dec 30. 

Located in the Huangpu Port Economic Zone, this comprehensive entertainment center aims to attract citizens with a variety of activities and promotions. 

During this opening period, it will host a New Year's Eve party, celebrity talk sessions, and limited-time discounts on various brands. 

Additionally, there will be fancy bike competitions, live band performances, and nightlife experiences, offering a holistic entertainment experience. 

Poly Yuzhu Time is set to enrich the recreational life of residents in Huangpu.

gaga Tea, Cafe in Poly Yuzhu Time..png

A cornor of good cafe in Huangpu's Poly Yuzhu Time.

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