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Jingxia village blends music with nature in Huangpu's tranquil retreat

Updated : 2023-12-13

In Huangpu district of Guangzhou, Jingxia village has become a beautiful example of the fusion of music and nature with its unique charm. Not only does it boast beautiful natural scenery, but it has also become a stage for young musicians.

Jingxia village is home to tranquil and beautiful pastoral scenery, rich cultural activities, and an ecological environment, making it a hidden gem in Guangzhou that offers a sense of tranquility and peace.

In recent years, the village has undergone tremendous changes. The once rugged and poor village has now been transformed into an area with smooth roads and a beautiful environment. The change has attracted numerous tourists and young talent, bringing new development opportunities.

As night falls, the campsite in Jingxia village lights up, beckoning young people and adding a touch of human warmth to the tranquil village. With the dawn of a new day, the beautiful village will welcome new visitors, embarking on a new chapter in its development.

The Jingxia village..jpg

The Jingxia village.

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