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'Changling Holiday' highlights Huangpu's charm

Updated : 2023-11-29

Huangpu district of Guangzhou has released a new original song, Changling Holiday, which artistically portrays the district's scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. 

The song, with its melodious tune and vivid lyrics, narrates the story of Huangma village on Changling Street. People who listen to this song will be charmed by its description of Huangpu's landscapes.

Huangma village, located on Changling Street in Huangpu, is a village filled with history and scenic beauty. The village retains many Hakka traditions, and stories spanning hundreds of years are depicted on its walls. Surrounded by mountains and lush greenery, Huangma village is a popular ecological leisure spot within Huangpu.

The song Changling Holiday conveys Huangma village's tranquil lifestyle, and the village's modern community center and ecological conservation measures showcase the seamless integration of tradition and modernity.

Changling Holiday vividly represents the cultural and ecological development of Huangma village and Huangpu.

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