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Huangpu seen through lens of German enthusiast

Updated : 2023-11-02

People's Daily recently highlighted China's picturesque landscapes through the lenses of seven foreign residents. Huangpu district in Guangzhou, as one of the featured locations, received significant attention.

Peter Helis (Chinese name: He Liping), a German national serving as the Chief Advisor at the Investment Promotion Bureau of Guangzhou Development District, is among the selected photographers.

Helis, a staunch advocate for Sino-European trade, became Guangzhou Development District's first foreign government employee in 2018. He lavishes praise on the openness, inclusivity, and innovative spirit of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, thus encouraging others to explore the region, particularly Huangpu.

As avid photographer with a penchant for bird watching, Helis views the district's diverse avian species as a robust indicator of environmental rejuvenation. Guangzhou has achieved substantial progress in ecological conservation in recent years. This is thanks to its implementation of various measures to safeguard biodiversity, such as the establishment of 89 nature reserves.

Helis' photographs not only showcase Huangpu's breathtaking beauty, but also share Helis' inspirational story. This further enhances the appeal of Guangzhou, Huangpu, and the Greater Bay Area.

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