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Experience the charm of Dajisha Island

Updated : 2023-10-31

The scenic villages, paddy fields, and greenery make Dajisha, an island in Guangzhou's Huangpu district, a picture of tranquility. 

The island's friendly and hospitable residents often engage with visitors, sharing their everyday life on the island, and creating a sense of belonging in tourists.

It is worth mentioning that the late Yuan Longping, also known as the "father of hybrid rice", chose to establish experimental grain fields on the island. What was once traditional farmland has been transformed into a demonstration base for modern agriculture. 

Moreover, visitors can also find the "Dream Beneath the Grain" statue on Dajisha. This iconic landmark encapsulates Yuan's aspirations and vision for the future of agriculture.

Dajisha scenic beauty..jpg

Dajisha scenic beauty.

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