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Huangpu showcases strength in tech innovation, industrial growth

Updated : 2023-10-25

Guangzhou's Huangpu district has demonstrated exceptional prowess in technological innovation and industrial development. 

The district has made breakthrough advancements in areas such as electronic components, big data platforms, and advanced materials. Over five years, research and development funding across the district has doubled, with the overall R&D intensity increasing from 3 percent to 6 percent. 

The biopharmaceutical and artificial intelligence sectors have attracted and nurtured a multitude of new enterprises, including listed companies and high-tech firms. 

In terms of talent acquisition, Huangpu has succeeded in attracting global tech talents and now boasts over 416 leading experts and 1,423 high-level professionals. 

These achievements underscore Huangpu's commitment and strength in fostering an innovative ecosystem, promoting industrial convergence, and nurturing talent.

Looking forward, Huangpu will continue to promote integrated development, aiming to achieve high-quality growth in both urban and advanced manufacturing sectors.

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