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Huangpu sees breakthrough in low-altitude economy, aerial innovations

Updated : 2023-10-24

In 2023, the nation introduced an outline for green aviation manufacturing development, focusing on new paradigms in the aviation industry. 

EHang Holdings of Guangzhou's Huangpu district obtained the first certification for manned eVTOL aircraft, marking a new phase in the low-altitude economy. 

EHang Holdings stands out in Huangpu's low-altitude economic landscape, leading the urban aerial transportation sector. 

Huangpu has now entered a rapid development phase in the low-altitude economy field. In 2021, the low-altitude economy was incorporated into the national economic plan, with Huangpu boasting 45 enterprises within the low-altitude industrial chain. This chain comprehensively covers every sector of the industry. 

Huangpu is propelling the rapid growth of the low-altitude economy, integrating it with urban management and tourism sectors. The potential of Huangpu's low-altitude economy is immense.

EHang Holdings's EH216-S Manned Unmanned Aerial Vehicle..jpg

EHang Holdings's EH216-S manned-unmanned aerial vehicle.

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