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Guangzhou Aosong Electronics redefines affordable sensor tech

Updated : 2023-10-19

In a recent tour, the Media Think Tank for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Huangpu district, Guangzhou, spotlighted the remarkable strides made by Guangzhou Aosong Electronics in the realm of intelligent sensors. 

Over the past five years, Aosong Electronics has experienced rapid growth, now boasting a team of 400, of which 50 percent are engineers.

Chen Xinzun, deputy general manager of Aosong Electronics, shed light on how the company's technological breakthroughs have drastically cut down on the cost of intelligent sensors. What was once a 20-yuan ($2.73) sensor now fetches a mere price of two yuan. This significant cost reduction not only bolsters domestic manufacturers but also fills a technological void in the country.

Over the years, Aosong Electronics has fostered fruitful partnerships with a host of universities and research institutes, overcoming numerous technological challenges in the intelligent sensor domain. Notably, during the 2020 global public health crisis, the company made striking advancements, launching medical sensors that bolstered crucial medical equipment like ventilators and anesthesia machines.

Beyond its core operations, Aosong Electronics actively engages in science education outreach. By donating equipment to places like Guangzhou No 2 Middle School, Su Yuan Experimental School, and the Intelligent Agriculture Weather Station, they are not just spreading knowledge but also kindling a passion for science and technology among the younger generation.

This visit served as a glimpse into Huangpu's SME ecosystem, highlighting the pivotal role these enterprises play in technological innovation and broader societal progress.

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