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Huangpu's Dajisha Island pioneers automated agriculture

Updated : 2023-08-25

On Dajisha Island - located in Huangpu district - Longping International Modern Agricultural Park showcases the future of harvests with its unmanned farming machinery. 

This isolated riverine island has been transformed into a testing ground for cutting-edge agricultural practices and as such, it has introduced a fully automated farming system. 

Not only has this initiative pushed the boundaries of agricultural research and production, but it has also rejuvenated the local ecosystem, luring endangered bird species back.

Overall, Dajisha Island is widely said to stand as a beacon of modern agriculture in Guangzhou. However, it remains closed to the public for now.

Huangpu Dajisha Island harvest scene..png

A harvest scene on Huangpu's Dajisha Island.

The harvester harvests rice..jpg

A combine harvester gets to work with the rice crop.

The beautiful scenery of Dajisha..jpg

Elegant birds settle in Dajisha.

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