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Qixi Festival in Huangpu combines tradition with modern tech

Updated : 2023-08-21

As the romantic Qixi Festival - often dubbed China's Valentine's Day - draws near, the Huangpu district of South China's Guangzhou city is breathing new life into the centuries-old tradition. 

An event entitled the 2023 Huangpu Qixi Cultural Exchange was unveiled in the Xingfuli area in Wenchong Street, Huangpu on Aug 16, entertaining attendees with a fusion of ancient customs and modern technological twists.

Over 200 Qi Qiao cultural artifacts made their debut at the event, with technology meeting tradition to offer a refreshing interactive experience.

The event masterfully intertwined Guangdong's intangible cultural heritage with cutting-edge technology, giving new life to Huangpu's traditions. Notably, the 'cultural heritage + tech' approach stood out, utilizing augmented reality technology to showcase the Qixi culture in the metaverse.

As the festival approaches, Huangpu is warmly inviting residents to explore this blend of classical and contemporary cultural feasts.

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