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Huangpu highlights future of energy storage industry

Updated : 2023-08-16

Guangzhou's Huangpu district co-hosted an industry symposium on energy storage on Aug 9, delving into the prospects of modern energy storage solutions. 

With China's push towards its dual-carbon objectives, Huangpu is setting its sights on pioneering the advanced energy storage sector, spotlighting technologies such as lithium-ion batteries, flow batteries, and hydrogen storage.

Guangzhou Zhiguang Electric has embarked on a significant energy storage project within Huangpu. It is estimated to be completed next year. In tandem, Hyundai Motor Group is laying the groundwork for its overseas fuel cell center project in Huangpu.

Earlier in June, Huangpu initiated 28 energy storage projects, with investments amounting to $55 billion and an estimated production value of $126 billion. Further bolstering its commitment, the district introduced the nation's first dedicated policy for the swift development of the energy storage industry. 

Leveraging its strategic location, robust talent reservoir, and cohesive industrial chain, Huangpu is determined to position itself as a global epicenter for innovative energy storage solutions.

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