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Huangpu unveils 4 parks for family-friendly summer fun

Updated : 2023-07-24

The Big Footprint Park..jpg

Big Footprint Park.

The Bouncy Cloud Park..jpg

Bouncy Cloud Park.

In a recent development, Guangzhou's Huangpu district has introduced four free parks that families can enjoy together. They are Bouncy Cloud Park, Big Footprint Park, Hi Duck Park, and Windmill Park. 

Each park showcases unique features and has quickly become ideal destinations for families seeking summer adventures. 

These parks offer a wide range of facilities and captivating landscapes, and are conveniently located close to one another, allowing visitors to enjoy more than one on an afternoon out. 

When doing outdoor activities, it is advisable that people take precautions against heat, apply sunscreen, and stay hydrated. 

The Hi Duck Park..jpg

Hi Duck Park.

The Windmill Park..jpg

Windmill Park.

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