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Huangpu district spearheads Fuxu Ancient Canal project

Updated : 2023-07-05

Since the beginning of this year, Huangpu district in Guangzhou has initiated a restoration project for the Fuxu Ancient Canal, aiming to resurrect its historic allure and add to Guangzhou's vibrancy. 

The canal, once a principal trade route in Guangzhou, will further reinforce the city's position as a cultural and historical epicenter after its restoration.

The restoration will not merely focus on cosmetic improvements but will also prioritize improving the canal's water environment, aquatic ecology, and waterscape.

This project will elevate not only the value of the land but also open new developmental opportunities for Huangpu's western area. 

Rendering of Fuxu Ancient Canal River Banks..png

Rendering of the Fuxu Ancient Canal.

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