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Huangpu unveils policy to boost high-quality economic development

Updated : 2023-05-23

Guangzhou's Huangpu district announced a new policy with several measures to promote high-quality economic development within the district on May 22. They are set to boost business growth and enhance the economy. 

The policy consolidates 30 core provisions and 63 specific measures by optimizing the existing "Golden 10 Measures" of Huangpu. 

The policy also includes measures for retail, wholesale, technology innovation, and talent development, emphasizing industry clustering and collaborative innovation. Other additions include support funding of up to 100 million yuan (15.6 million) and new incentives.

This initiative aims to elevate Guangzhou's industrial competitiveness and drive high-quality economic development, signaling a new phase for Huangpu's growth.

Press conference for the Measures for High-Quality Economic Development in Huangpu ..jpg

Press conference for the measures for Huangpu's high-quality economic development.

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