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Huangpu's Polo Birth Temple Fair launches

Updated : 2023-03-03

Huangpu's Polo Birth Temple Fair and the 16th Guangzhou Folk Culture Festival kicked off at Nanhai Temple, one of the birthplaces of the ancient Maritime Silk Road, in Huangpu district on March 2. 

Polo Birth is the oldest and most influential temple fair in the Pearl River Delta region.

This temple fair includes 12 themed activities such as the Maritime Silk Road Grand Festival, which brings citizens a comprehensive folk culture experience.

The Polo Birth fair is a nationally recognized intangible cultural heritage and is one of Guangzhou's brightest cultural calling cards. It continues to stand the test of time and has borne witness to the development and prosperity of Guangzhou's maritime trade.

At the opening ceremony, accompanied by drums and music, nearly 200 actors carried offerings symbolizing a plentiful harvest and good wishes to the god, Nanhai, for blessings.

Guan Ruihua, director of the cultural, radio, television, and tourism bureau of Huangpu district, said that this temple fair integrates the culture and folk activities of the Maritime Silk Road through artistic recreation.

In addition, the opening ceremony combined elements of Huangpu district's intangible cultural heritage, such as dragon and lion dances and traditional drum performances.

The dragon dance performance..jpg

The opening ceremony of the Polo Birth. [Photo/Huangpu Converged Media]

The dragon dance performance..jpg

The dragon dance performance. [Photo/Huangpu Converged Media]

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