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Huangpu supports green enterprises to grow

Updated : 2022-10-24

The first batch of "green plus" enterprises and green enterprises in Huangpu district in 2022 was announced, with a total of 193 enterprises listed.

"Green plus" enterprises and green enterprises refer to enterprises that incorporate the concept of sustainable development, as well as the realization of environmental and social benefits into the whole process of enterprise operation and management, making significant achievements. The main business of such an enterprise needs to be in the green industry field, with the enterprise also performing well in environmental protection, social responsibility, and company governance.

Enterprises that have been certified as "green plus" or "green"enjoy preferential policies issued by the government.

For enterprises and projects that obtain green loans from banking financial institutions, interest discounts of 1 percent of their loan amount will be given, with a maximum of 1 million yuan ($138,000) per year for a single enterprise available. The interest discount will last three years.

For green enterprises and projects that obtain loans from microfinance companies with a term of more than six months (inclusive), interest discounts will be given at 1 percent of their actual loan amount up to a maximum of 500,000 yuan per year for a single green enterprise. The interest discount will last three years.

For enterprises that issue green bonds, interest will be discounted at 10 percent of their actual interest paid during the life of the bond, while the subsidy period for the same bond business is up to three years, with a maximum of 2 million yuan per year available for a single enterprise.

At present, in order to promote the green transformation of the regional economic growth model and green technology innovation, Huangpu has actively carried out the evaluation and identification of "green plus" enterprises, green enterprises, as well as green projects, which can serve as exemplary enterprises in the district's pursuit of green development.

It is expected that more enterprises in Huangpu will adhere to green development in the future.

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