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Huangpu contributes to Chinese aviation tires development

Updated : 2022-10-12

An aerial view of Aviation Tire  Science Center..jpg

An aerial view of Aviation Tire Science Center.

A striking tire-shaped building in Xinlong town, Huangpu district is the site of the Aviation Tire Science Center.

In addition to the high-acceleration test bench which has been put into use, there are also a series of advanced test devices that can restore the performance of tires in real-use scenarios. The center also collects and has established a database of almost all downstream products, including aviation tires, automotive tires, as well as special tires.

Its laboratory also uses digital twins, simulated ground dynamics, and other experimental devices to achieve breakthroughs in industrial product R&D.

Aviation tires are essential for the safety and reliability of aircraft, with extremely demanding requirements for shock, load-bearing, heat generation, as well as wear resistance.

In practice, aviation tires sometimes experience low temperatures of -50 C to -60 C, as well as temperature changes that rise to 150 degrees Celsius when landing. 

From materials to products, domestic aviation tires covering the full industrial chain and boasting independent control have been produced out of the laboratory and have become visible and tangible samples of China's developing aviation tire industry.


Aviation tires are tested on a test bench. [Photo provided to WeChat account: kjrbwx]


An aviation tire high acceleration test bench. [Photo provided to WeChat account: kjrbwx]

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