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Hongsing Seed Valley in GDD welcomes tourists

Updated : 2022-08-02


The Hongsing Seed Valley is located in the Guangzhou Development District.

Hongsing Seed Valley, a tourism destination in the Guangzhou Development District (GDD), has an exhibition hall measuring more than 2,600 square meters, a high-tech experience hall, and a scientific museum. 

In the exhibition hall, a sizable seed wall and an indoor cornfield have been set up. More than 600 seeds, including more than 50 space seeds, are displayed on the seed wall. 

The valley is home to a specialized tissue culture facility that demonstrates how to separate the necessary tissues, organs, or cells from the plant body and construct an entire plant using aseptic techniques. 


The Hongsing Seed Valley's breeding center is mainly used to introduce, test, demonstrate and popularize aerospace agricultural varieties.

A breeding center is open to visitors and is primarily used to promote, test, show, and disseminate new agricultural varieties. 

In order to make its vegetables look fresh, the center uses a three-dimensional planting technique that focuses on an advanced control system and high-pressure water spray technology. 

The valley offers numerous interactive opportunities for visitors to gain a thorough understanding of aerospace and space agriculture, including in-depth video demonstrations and aerospace information cards.

In addition, the valley has a 530-meter-long walkway for leisure and entertainment, as well as a 1,300-square-meter grape plantation which allows tourists to pick when grapes are ripe in July. 

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