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Baidu Map marks Huangpu historic sites, cultural relics

Updated : 2022-02-09

Guangzhou's Huangpu district has taken the lead in the country in marking local historic sites and cultural relics on Baidu Map.

The Huangpu bureau of planning and natural resources has identified one historic and cultural block, one historic area, one traditional village, 18 historic buildings, and 178 buildings with traditional architectural styles.

It cooperated with Baidu Maps to mark them relying on artificial intelligence technology. As of Jan 30, the Baidu app will remind users of their protection status when they search for these locations.


Liantang No 1 Canteen (People's Canteen) is a historic site under protection.

An official from the bureau noted that the protection of historic sites and cultural relics requires the participation of all levels of society. The new function takes advantage of the wide accessibility of Baidu Map's online platform to raise public awareness.

The district will forge ahead in the establishment of a long-term protection and inheritance mechanism of its history and culture. It will bolster the research, interpretation and promotion of Lingnan culture, Maritime Silk Road culture, as well as industrial culture, while integrating them into people's lives via digitized means.

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