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2 public schools unveil plaques in Huangpu

Updated : 2021-09-01

Plaques for a military middle school and a Guangzhou University affiliated middle school were unveiled in Guangzhou's Huangpu district on Aug 31.

With an investment of 260 million yuan ($40 million), the military middle school covers 37,000 square meters north of the intersection between Guangzhou-Shantou Highway and Kaichuang Avenue. It will have 48 classes to accommodate 2,400 students. This year, 440 freshmen were enrolled in 10 classes.

Of the current 35 teachers, eight are senior-level instructors and 11 posess a master's degree. In addition, there are also military officers who possess bachelor's degree and teach national defense classes, which will cover theoretical lessons, PE lessons, and club activities.

The 29,160-sq-m Guangzhou University affiliated middle school is located on No 6 First Yunyao Street and features a floorage of 15,802.8 sq m for 36 classes. It currently has 620 students and 41 teachers, and offers 17 classes.

The school is well equipped with art rooms, music rooms, dance rooms, conference halls, basketball courts, football fields, badminton courts, and track and field facilities.


The Guangzhou University affiliated middle school in Huangpu.

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