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Huangpu bets big on hydrogen energy industry

Updated : 2021-04-27

Guangzhou's Huangpu district is on track to become a hydrogen energy industry innovation core area with a scale of more than 100 billion yuan ($15.43 billion).

A national demonstration area for the comprehensive utilization of new energy, Huangpu started the technological layout of hydrogen energy back in 2017. As of now, it has brought in more than 200 industrial projects, and has a complete industrial chain in the making.

The district not only has Xiongchuan Hydrogen Energy Technology, HydraV and Hyundai's hydrogen fuel cell project to tackle system and stack, but also has teams led by Ye Siyu and Chen Zhongwei, academicians of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, to work on R&D of catalysts.

In addition, Sinopec Group's Guangzhou branch has seen the first phase of its hydrogen supply center for hydrogen fuel cells come into operation, and the second phase is being advanced to ensure sourcing of hydrogen energy.

Efforts have produced fruitful results. For instance, in February the district revealed 500 hydrogen fuel cell dump trucks, the largest fleet of its kind in the world.

Developed by Xiongchuan Hydrogen Energy Technology, the trucks can be fully fueled in eight to 15 minutes, and run up to 400 kilometers on one fueling. They will help reduce carbon emissions by 35,000 metric tons per year, and nitrogen oxides and other pollutants by 768 tons annually.


Hydrogen fuel cell dump trucks developed by Xiongchuan Hydrogen Energy Technology.

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