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Automobile and parts industry cluster

Updated : 2020-08-17

Development ideas and goals

Recognizing that the automobile industry is energy-saving and intelligent, the Guangzhou Development District explores its construction  and key components, promotes the development of emerging fields such as automotive electronics and new energy vehicles, and the integration of the automotive industry with electronic information, new materials and cultural and creative industries. Its purpose is to become a first-class high-end automobile manufacturing and innovation base in South China with a complete industrial chain from parts production to complete vehicle manufacturing and ancillary services, and to form an industry cluster worth 200 billion yuan by 2020.

Development priorities

They are automotive electronics, transmission systems, steering systems, engines, driving systems, key components and supporting services of new energy vehicles.

In addition, the Guangzhou Development District also introduced national-level scientific research institutions for automobile construction, certification & testing  and standard companies such as Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Co, Ltd, China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co, Ltd and its affiliate Vkan Certification &Testing Co, Ltd to provide service support for the further development and upgrading of the automotive industry. The Guangzhou Development District has the largest number of automobile certification & testing institutions in the city, including Vkan, China Machinery, SINOMACH, and TUV Certification.

As an old automobile manufacturing base, 70 percent of the auto part companies in Guangzhou are in Huangpu District and Guangzhou Guangzhou Development District. The automobile industry cluster is one of three one-hundred-billion yuan pillar industries in the Guangzhou Development District, whose annual output value accounts for about 20 percent of that of the district as a whole.

As of 2017, the region had gathered more than 100 parts and supporting industrial suppliers, including Dongfeng Honda engine, Jatco, Honeywell, Omron, and Bridgestone. The most important parts of an automobile, including its engine, electronic equipment, brake systems, shock absorbers and power transmission systems can all be manufactured here, which is unprecedented in the province and even in southern China.

Many auto parts manufacturers in Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development District are world-class enterprises which own many leading-edge technologies and promote the development of the high-end auto parts industry in the east. For example, Webasto (Guangzhou) Car Roof System Co, Ltd is one of the world's largest and leading suppliers of automotive sunroofs, with a global market share of 48 percent. Jatco (Guangzhou) Automatic Transmission Co, Ltd ranks first in the world in the field of continuously variable automatic transmissions, accounting for 41 percent of the global market. 

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