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Intelligent equipment and robot industry cluster

Updated : 2020-08-17

Development ideas and goals

Under the background of Industry 4.0, based on the national strategies of Made in China 2025 and Internet + and the equipment manufacturing industry foundation, and in the spirit of combining government promotion and market leadership, the Guangzhou Development District has established many industrial parks. They include the Knowledge City Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park, the Yunpu Industry District Robot Industrial Park and the Huangpu Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park.  The parks promote the development of key components such as robot bodies, reducers, servo motors, controllers, sensors and drives, high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent instrumentation and major technical equipment used in building materials, machining, food processing, packaging and printing. The goal of the district is to build a national industrial robot industrial park and a intelligent equipment R&D and industrialization base with global competence, and to form a industry cluster worth 20 billion yuan.

Development priorities

Here the priorities are aerospace equipment, industrial robots, rail transit equipment, and intelligent manufacturing equipment. 

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