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Guangxi strengthens cross-border logistics cooperation with Indochina Peninsula


Updated: 2023-06-29

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On June 28, Chongzuo's Pingxiang hosted a form on cooperation between key cities in Guangxi and Indochina Peninsula.


Guangxi holds a form on cooperation between key cities in Guangxi and Indochina Peninsula.. [Photo provided to]

More than 300 guests from domestic and foreign government departments, business associations, enterprises and research institutions attended the forum.

At the forum, more than 20 key land ports, including Youyiguan Border Gate, Dongxing Border Gate, and Mohan Border Gate jointly launched the China-Southeast Asia Cross-border Logistics Port Smart Interconnection Cooperation Initiative, and the China (Guangxi) - Indochina Peninsula Cross-border Logistics Operation Index.

The Department of Commerce of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region also signed economic and trade cooperation agreements with Laos' Savannakhet and Khammouan provinces at the event.


Chinese and foreign enterprises signed a number of cooperation agreements. [Photo provided to]

The Guangxi Logistics and Procurement Association signed a cooperation agreement with Vietnam's Hanoi Logistics Association. Chinese and foreign enterprises signed a number of cooperation agreements at the event.

Experts and scholars from Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, as well as representatives from Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, China's Ministry of Commerce, China's Ministry of Transport, the China Customs Brokers Association, and the Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences delivered several keynote speeches. They focused on three topics: industry-city integration and smart city construction, logistics infrastructure connectivity, and smart ports and customs clearance facilitation.

In recent years, Guangxi has intensified its economic and trade cooperation with ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. As of May 2023, Guangxi has invested in 364 enterprises and institutions in the six countries that are in the Indo-China Peninsula, with a total agreed investment of $7.26 billion.

From January to May 3, the import and export volume between Guangxi and ASEAN countries reached 137 billion yuan ($18.9 billion), an increase of 117.4 percent. ASEAN countries are still Guangxi's largest trading partners, and the trade volume between Guangxi and ASEAN enterprises accounts for 47.7 percent of the whole region.

Guangxi and ASEAN countries will promote the cooperative development of digital intelligence, promote investment in logistics and supply chains, and improve customs clearance processes.