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Guangxi speeds up construction on intl ASEAN transport routes


Updated: 2023-03-08

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Guangxi has built a total of 43 major land routes, connecting the region with neighboring provinces and countries. It has also formed an international corridor to ASEAN member countries, with the Beibu Gulf as its port.

At present, Guangxi is accelerating the construction and improvement of the international channel system to ASEAN member countries, and is comprehensively improving the access and service capacity of its transportation infrastructure.

To speed up the construction of a railway hub for ASEAN countries, Guangxi has planned to build north, central and south corridors. Currently, there is only one railway, the Hunan-Guangxi Railway, in Guangxi that is connected to ASEAN countries. 

Among the three railway corridors, the Chongzuo-Pingxiang section of the Nanning-Pingxiang high-speed railway project is scheduled to open in 2025. The Fangchenggang-Dongxing railway is expected to be completed in 2023.

Guangxi will speed up the domestic construction its Vietnam transportation project. Two other expressways, from Chongzuo to Aidian Checkpoint and from Shangsi to Fangchenggang (Dongxing Checkpoint), are also expected to be completed at an accelerated rate.

In addition, Guangxi will fully restore more than 12 international air routes to key ASEAN cities in 2023, totaling more than 27 flights per week.