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Highlights of 2022 Government Work Report


Updated: 2022-03-10

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Highlights of 2022 Government Work Report

Premier Li Keqiang delivered the 2022 Government Work Report at the opening of this year's session of the 13th National People's Congress in Beijing on March 5. Here are some highlights from the draft report.

A review of our work in 2021

The economy continued to recover and grow.

China's innovation capacity was enhanced.

The economic structure and regional development priorities were refined.

Reform and opening-up were deepened.

Ecological conservation was enhanced.

Living standards rose steadily.

Our gains in COVID-19 responses were consolidated.

We kept macro policy consistent and targeted and kept the major economic indicators within the appropriate range.

We refined and implemented policies for easing the difficulties of businesses and consolidated the foundation of economic recovery.

We deepened reform, expanded opening-up, and continued to improve the business environment.

We promoted innovation-driven development and stabilized industrial and supply chains.

We promoted coordinated development between urban and rural areas and between regions and improved the structure of the economy.

We strengthened environmental protection and promoted sustainable development.

We worked to ensure and improve people's wellbeing and accelerated the development of social programs.

We made progress in building a rule of law government, developed new ways of governance and maintained social harmony and stability.

Overall Requirements and Policy Orientation for Economic and Social Development in 2022

For the government to deliver, we must, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, do the following:

follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era;

implement the guiding principles of the Party's 19th National Congress and all plenary sessions of the 19th Party Central Committee;

carry forward the great founding spirit of the Party;

act on the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability;

apply the new development philosophy in full, in the right way, and in all enterprise fields of endeavor and move faster to create a new pattern of development;

deepen reform and opening-up in all respects;

pursue innovation-driven development;

promote high-quality development;

advance supply-side structural reform as the main task;

respond to COVID-19 and pursue economic and social development in a well-coordinated way;

ensure both development and security;

continue to ensure stability on six key fronts and maintain security in six key areas;

keep working to improve the people's lives;

strive to maintain stable macroeconomic performance;

keep major economic indicators within an appropriate range; and maintain overall social stability;

These efforts will enable us to pave the way for a successful 20th National Party Congress.

GDP growth of around 5.5 percent

Macro policies should be kept consistent and made more effective.

We will continue the effective routine of COVID-19 control.

In our work this year, we must make economic stability our top priority and pursue progress while ensuring stability.

Major tasks for 2022

Achieve stable macroeconomic performance and keep major economic indicators within the appropriate range

We will see that the proactive fiscal policy is more effective.

We will step up implementation of the prudent monetary policy.

We will strengthen the employment-first policy.

We will ensure food and energy security.

We will prevent and defuse major risks.

Keeping the operations of market entities stable and maintaining job security by strengthening macro policies

We will implement a new package of tax-and-fee policies to support enterprises.

We will encourage the financial sector to provide more effective support to the real economy.

We will help lower business costs.

We will fully implement all measures to stabilize employment.

Steadfastly deepening reform to strengthen market vitality and internal momentum for development

We will step up efforts to transform government functions.

We will promote the common development of enterprises under all forms of ownership.

We will advance reforms of the fiscal, taxation, and financial systems.

Further implementing the innovation-driven development strategy and strengthening the foundation of the real economy

We will raise our capacity for scientific and technological innovation.

We will provide stronger incentives to promote innovation among enterprises.

We will boost the core competitiveness of manufacturing.

We will encourage development of the digital economy.

Expanding domestic demand and promoting coordinated regional development and new urbanization

We will promote the sustained recovery of consumption.

We will increase effective investment.

We will promote balanced and coordinated development among regions.

We will improve new urbanization initiatives.

Boosting agricultural production and promoting all-round rural revitalization

We will step up efforts to ensure stable production and sufficient supply of grain and other important agricultural products.

We will fully consolidate and build on our achievements in poverty elimination.

We will steadily and prudently advance rural reform and development.

Pursuing higher-standard opening up and promoting stable growth of foreign trade and investment

We will adopt a package of steps to stabilize foreign trade.

We will make greater use of foreign investment.

We will promote high-quality cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

We will deepen multilateral and bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

Continuing to improve the environment and promoting green and low-carbon development

We will take holistic steps to improve the environment.

We will take well-ordered steps to achieve peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality.

Ensuring and improving the people's wellbeing and promoting better and new ways of conducting social governance

We will improve the fairness and quality of education.

We will improve medical and health services.

We will improve social security and social services.

We will continue to meet people's housing needs.

We will enrich people's intellect and cultural awareness.

We will advance social governance based on collaboration, participation, and common gains.