Explore the charm of Guilin's Xiufeng district


Updated: 2020-09-08

Guilin's Xiufeng district, which embodies the essence of Guilin's landscape and culture, is famous for its Duxiu Mountain, where a cliff was engraved with the slogan "East or West, Guilin Landscape is Best".

Featuring three national 5A scenic areas, Xiufeng district has been an active participant in the mission to turn Guilin into an international tourism attraction through the development of culture and tourism.

Xiufeng was ranked second in Guangxi in terms of its comprehensive tourist satisfaction and fifth in terms of its tourism comprehensive competitiveness in 2019. The contribution of the tertiary industry to Xiufeng's economic growth has reached 89.9 percent.

Here are three recommended tourist attractions in Xiufeng district.

Zhengyang West Alley (正阳西巷)

Zhengyang West Alley, together with the Zhengyang East Alley, is located in front of the Jingjiang Prince Palace. The two alleys are remains from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties and have been considered as "the only example of old Guilin alleys".

The Zhengyang West Alley renovation project started in May 2017 and finished in April 2020. "This place used to be tattered and dirty yet it is so beautiful now," said a tourist surnamed Zhang from Hunan province, who used to study in Guilin.

The west alley features distinctive homestays while the east alley focuses on traditional culture and local delicacies. 


The Zhengyang West Alley is left over from the Ming and Qing dynasties. [Photo/WeChat account: gxtravel]

Taohua River (桃花江)

Taohua River, a main branch of the Lijiang River, has been made into a 'green ecological corridor'.

"The first phase of the corridor, stretching about eight kilometers, was opened in January 2019. Connecting nearby tourist attractions, the corridor has attracted a lot of visitors," said a person in charge of the culture and tourism departments of Xiufeng district.

The corridor has been equipped with high-quality facilities such as stone carvings, leisure platforms, sightseeing galleries and fitness areas. 


The aerial view of Taohua River. [Photo/WeChat account: gxtravel]

Zunshen Temple Night Fair (尊神庙夜市)

Zunshen Temple Night Fair was opened in January 2019 and soon became a new growth engine for Xiufeng's tourism economy.

Visitors are able to find delicacies from all over the country at the night fair, including those from Guangdong and Xinjiang. In addition, various kinds of performances such as dances, magic shows and outdoor movies will be staged at the Xiaoyao Pavilion, which sits at the center of the night fair. 


People have fun at the Zunshen Temple Night Fair. [Photo/WeChat account: gxtravel]