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Country: Germany

Area: approximately 15,800 sq km

Population: 2.88 million (2017)

Sister-city relations with Zhejiang established April 20, 1986


Schleswig-Holstein is the northernmost of the 16 states of Germany and has close ties with countries in the Scandinavian Peninsula. Its capital city is Kiel, and other notable cities are Lübeck and Flensburg.

Schleswig-Holstein's conventional industries are agriculture, animal husbandry, shipbuilding, and tourism. The state saw rapid growth in the electronics, precise machinery, maritime technology, medical technology, software, energy, and environmental technology industries in recent years, and it generates more than half of Germany's wind power.  

Schleswig-Holstein is also a popular tourism destination among Germans.

Kiel is one of Germany's major maritime centers. The sailing competitions of the 1936 and the 1972 Olympic Games were held in the city.