Hangzhou issues first confirmation letter for high-level foreign talent

( ehangzhou.gov.cn ) Updated : 2020-08-20


Francisco, a Spanish automobile designer and technological developer, shows his confirmation letter for high-end foreign talent. The letter was issued by the Hangzhou science and technology bureau. [Photo/zjol.com.cn]

The Hangzhou science and technology bureau was recently authorized by the Ministry of Science and Technology to issue confirmation letters for high-end foreign talents, local media reported.

The letter enables high-end talents to get five or 10-year R visas, which allow for multiple entries, at Chinese embassies abroad. The spouse and children of these individuals are also eligible for this visa, which would allow foreigners to stay in the country for up to 180 days.

Francisco, a Spanish automobile designer and technological developer, was the first to receive the confirmation letter. Francisco was a winner of the 2014 West Lake Friendship Award. Established by the Zhejiang government, the award is conferred biennially in recognition of outstanding contributions to economic and social developments and personnel training made by foreign experts.

"Coming to Hangzhou will be as easy as booking a flight ticket and going back home. I can also have my family around. I love Hangzhou," Francisco said.

The authorization of the issuance of these confirmation letters for high-end foreign talents is the latest move by Hangzhou to improve its talent services, create a friendly and welcoming environment, and develop itself into an international talent hub.

How to apply for Confirmation Letter for High-Level Foreign Talents?

Foreign high-level (Class A) talents can apply for the Confirmation Letter for High-Level Foreign Talents before taking it to a Chinese embassy or consulate to obtain a multiple-entry talent visa (R visa) with a validity of five to 10 years. Their spouse and children who are minors can obtain a relative visa with the same validity.

Application materials:

1. Application form for Confirmation Letter for High-Level Foreign Talents

2. An invitation letter issued by a relevant entity in China

3. Supporting documents in accordance with the eligibility criteria for the R visa

4. Passport or international travel documents

5. A passport photo of oneself taken within the past six months

Application system:

Service system for foreigners working in China: http://fwp.safea.gov.cn/
(issued by Zhejiang Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Submission of physical documents not required)

Processing time:

Five working days


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