Pujiang Xianhua International Conference Center

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A baroque-style resort looks like a fairyland castle. [Photo/Zhejiang Tourism Wechat]

Hot springs are always one of the best choices when seeking a relaxing time in winter. Xianhua International Conference Center, the largest hot spring resort in East China, is located in the mountains of Pujiang, Jinhua city. Bathing in hot springs and viewing the mountainous landscape may be a good match for people wishing for a warm winter.

Hot springs

There is a hot spring park at the resort. Hot springs here come underground from Xianhua Mountain. The water is 43 on average and is full of microelements like calcium, magnesium, zinc and fluorine. Due to its abundance in carbonates, the water may create a protective layer on people's skin.

Hot spring pools featuring twelve constellations are the most prized pools at the park. They are decorated according to the different characteristics of constellations.

Five exotic houses with spring pools are scattered among the trees. Houses in Kyoto, North European, Bangkok, Provence and Jiangnan (regions south of the Yangtze River) styles provided the inspiration for designing these special wooden architectures.


The hot springs at the resort are most attractive to visitors. [Photo/Zhejiang Tourism WeChat]

"Castle" in a fairytale

Designed by a Singaporean company, the resort is considered as one of the most typical baroque-style architectural complexes in China. Xianhua Sandalwood Celebrity Hotel, located at the resort, is a castle-like shelter for visitors.

The luxurious decorations, as well as the exquisite cuisines in the hotel provide visual and gustatory feasts for guests. A heated swimming pool, an outdoor pool, a children's hall and a gym are all available for a pleasant stay at the resort.

Scenic spots nearby

As the resort is located in the scenic area of Xianhua Mountain, climbing the mountain before bathing in the hot springs will make the travel experience more satisfying.

Qianwu village in Pujiang has a landscape of mountains and rivers. Life here is slow and cozy. As the birthplace of Wu Fuzhi and Wu Shanming, two masters of Chinese painting, the cozy village with its slow life pace and cultural background is attractive for visitors.

Luoyuan village, also near the resort, boasts colorful marks left by artists from around the country. Walls of residents' houses are painted in whimsical 3-D graffiti, making the tiny village a dreamlike land.


Colorful houses have formed a bright scene in Luoyuan, Pujiang county. [Photo/Zhejiang Tourism WeChat]

Address of the resort: No. 388 Xianhua Road, Pujiang county of Jinhua.

Tel: +86-579-89373333

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