Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall

Updated : 2016-08-02


[Photo from en.gotohz.com] 


[Photo from en.gotohz.com]

District: Xiacheng District

Postcode: 310000

Address: No 21, Wulin Square

Phone: +86-571-8515-3911, 8008571178

Consumers: White collars

Credit card acceptable: UnionPay, Visa

Hours: 9.30-21.30(Saturday-Thursday); 9.30-22.00(Friday, Saturday)

Hangzhou Tower is located at Wulin Square. It is not only of great cultural importance, but also serves as one of the most flourishing retail and economic centers in the heart of Hangzhou. As the landmark of the city, Hangzhou Tower is one of the most well-known department stores in China and the first one efficiently and quickly introducing a series of high end international luxury brands, such as Cartier, LV, Christine Dior, Burberry, Chanel and Hugo Boss, efficiently and quickly to China. The department store provides high quality goods aimed at people with medium and high buying power.