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Promote the Integrated Development of Cultural Tourism in the Zigzagging Areas of the Yellow River Basin to Protect and Inherit the Yellow River Culture (No.262, 2021)

Nov 11,2021

By Yang Xiaodong & Niu Jiaru, Research Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.262, 2021 (Total 6327) 2021-9-13

Abstract: The Yellow River culture has played a significant role in the development of the Chinese nation. And the zigzagging areas (in Ninxia, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Shaanxi and Shanxi Province) in the Middle reaches of the Yellow River embody the essence of multi-ethnic culture with the same root and origin, which plays an irreplaceable role with unique advantages and down-to-earth channels in protecting and carrying on the Yellow River culture. To realize the high-quality development of these areas, cultural tourism is indispensable. How to protect and inherit the Yellow River culture, how to preserve the ecological environment, how to resolve the seasonal difficulties of cultural tourism and how to coordinate other areas of the Yellow River Basin across the board are urgent issues that need to be addressed for developing the cultural tourism in the above-mentioned areas. To this end, we have to adop policies or take measures as follows: developing the integrated cultural tourism of these areas in the premise of protecting and inheriting the Yellow River culture; insisting on the principles of ecology-first and pursuing the green cultural tourism for development; giving play to the Yellow River culture, encouraging and exploring a cultural tourism development mode with the characteristics of the local areas; establishing the collaborative governance mechanism among these areas, and forming a strong synergy for the integrated development of cultural tourism.

Keywords: Yellow River culture, integrated development of cultural tourism, the zigzagging areas of the Yellow River Basin