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The Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) is located in the beautiful port city of Dalian, China. In the past half century, research at DICP has closely reflected the economic and scientific needs of China. The Institute has built up an impressive portfolio of achievements, principally in the fields of catalysis, chemical engineering, chemical lasers, molecular reaction dynamics, organic synthesis, and chromatography for modern analytic chemistry and biotechnology.

  • Industrial cooperation projects

    There are a total of 37 companies holding shares DICP and its wholly-owned subsidiary China hydride, with a total foreign investment of 860 million yuan.

  • Scientific research achievements

    Since 2011, the DICP has obtained 247 scientific research achievements, and won more than 60 provincial and ministerial-level awards as the first completion unit, including eight national awards and 12 CAS, provincial and ministerial-level first prizes. In 2013, academician Zhang Cunhao won the national top science award. In 2014, “methanol technology for making low carbon olefin” won the first prize for national technical invention.

  • Patents and publications

    The quality of the basic research at DICP is reflected in the 7,330 publications in high-level journals, and 6,716 patents. At the same time, DICP’s innovative research for national security has received numerous commendations.

  • Outstanding scientists and high-quality engineers

    As of September 2018, there are 1,001 postgraduates in DICP, including 629 doctors. In recent years, the institute has increased its efforts in the cultivation of international students. Plans were, for example, to recruit last year some 18 students from six countries to study in the institute, taking the total number of international students to 45.

DICP holds 70th anniversary celebration