Research Units

Updated: 2019-01-28

[Laboratory01] Department of Instrumentation and Analytical Chemistry

[Laboratory02] Laboratory of Fine Chemicals

[Laboratory05] State Key Laboratory of Catalysis

[Laboratory07] Laboratory of Chemical Lasers

[Laboratory11] State Key Laboratory of Molecular Reaction Dynamics

[Laboratory15] Laboratory of Aerospace Catalysts and New Materials

[Laboratory18] Laboratory of Biotechnology

[DNL03] Division of Fuel Cells and Batteries

[DNL06] Division of Biomass Conversion & Bio-Energy

[DNL08] Division of Fossil Energy Conversion

[DNL09] Division of Energy Environmental Engineering

[DNL12] Division of Low-Carbon Catalysis and Engineering

[DNL16] Division of Solar Energy

[DNL17] Division of Energy Storage

[DNL19] Division of Hydrogen Energy and Advanced Materials

[DNL20] Division of Energy Research Facilities

[DNL21] Division of Basic & Strategic Studies on Energy