Message from CQHCWC to patients

Updated: 2020-02-06


In response to the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Chongqing city has recently activated a first–level public health emergency response. The Chongqing government and Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children, or the CQHCWC, have attached great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

The CQHCWC would herewith like to send the following message to Chongqing's citizens:

I. Appointment registration or consultation at different times after registration

For patients who really need to come to hospital, please make an appointment via the WeChat public account of the CQHCWC and arrive on time according to the appointment so as to reduce the waiting time at the hospital.

Pregnant women who have already made an appointment for a birth check-up and systemic ultrasound can go to the clinic on time according to the appointment or the pregnancy health regulations issued by the hospital.

II. Strengthen self-protection

For patients and family members going to hospital, please wear face masks or take other self-protection measures before entering, to prevent cross-infection. Please wash your hands with quick-drying hand lotion in public areas before and after leaving the buildings.

III. Cooperate with health inspections at the entrance

Visitors must be inspected before entering the hospital and follow the direction signs inside the buildings. Inspections mainly include temperature monitoring and epidemiological investigations.

Inspection sites

(1) Entrance of the south gate of the lobby on the first floor of the outpatient building

(2) Entrance of elevator 4 on the first floor of the outpatient building

(3) North entrance of the first floor of the inpatient building

IV. Fever clinic opens for patients with following symptoms or situations

(1) fever (body temperature ≥37.3 ℃)  

(2) experience of travel or residence in epidemic areas, such as Wuhan

(3) History of contact with confirmed or suspected patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia

(4) surrounded by people with fevers


Fever clinic for adults: next to the emergency department on the first floor of the inpatient building

Fever clinic for children: next to the pediatric clinic on the first floor of the clinic building

V. Visit restrictions

People are not advised to pay visits to patients at the hospital to avoid cross infection. If patients need to be accompanied, they can be accompanied by one person.


For more information, please consult the 24-hour hospital service center on: 023-63702844 / 63703054.

Thank you for your cooperation!