Chongqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital holds meeting on discipline construction

Updated: 2019-10-23


Chongqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital held a report meeting on discipline construction planning for 2020-2025 in the academic report hall of the outpatient department of the Ranjiaba hospital district on October 15. More than 260 members of the hospital, including the top management team, middle-level cadres and some staff representatives attended. 


The meeting started with the speech of Zhang Hua, deputy secretary of the hospital's Party committee and president of the hospital.  


He pointed out that discipline construction plays an important role in the hospital's development, is an important part of the connotation development of the hospital, and is also an important guarantee to promote the hospital's medical treatment, teaching and scientific research to a higher level and to improve the quality of personnel training.



He stressed that as a third-class A-level maternal and child health hospital, the facility must find the right direction, have the courage to explore, and dare to practice to properly develop its specialty. He said that the hospital must be forward-looking in planning for the next 3 to 5 years with clear goals and specific measures to travel the connotative development road of high quality and high efficiency.

At the meeting, leaders of 26 clinical departments gave reports on the discipline construction plan for 2020-2025. Their reports analyzed the current situation, targeted advantages, recognized weakness, focused on future planning and development. The efforts were expected to promote hospital discipline construction to a new level by locating breakthrough points. All members who participated in the meeting took immediate notice of the discipline construction plan of each department.

At the end of the meeting, Party secretary Wang Jian made a concluding speech. She pointed out that the discipline construction of hospitals achieved good results during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.

Reproductive medicine was ranked 7th in Fudan University's 2017 comprehensive ranking of Chinese hospitals. A discipline cluster led by reproductive medicine was initially formed. Two "Yangtze River-Rhine River" perinatal medicine forums were successfully held, and the "Yangtze River-Rhine River" conference perinatal medicine center construction standard was issued. The academic influence and discipline status of the hospital were continuously strengthened.

She emphasized that in recent years, the hospital has gone through the stage of "developing large by quantity and growing freely", which has laid a solid foundation for the development of the hospital. However, the problems of unbalanced and insufficient development of disciplines have gradually emerged.

Wang said some departments started their scientific research late, and the development of disciplines in the whole hospital is uneven. Cadres and workers in the hospital should fully understand the situation and enhance their sense of crisis.

She demanded that all departments in the hospital should set their direction, find their own orientation, and aim at their development goals.

They must focus on "chasing only one sheep" and roll up their sleeves to work harder to do a solid job in discipline construction and strive for early realization of the grand vision of a modern international hospital for women and children, said Wang.