Honors of Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children

Updated: 2019-09-27


The hospital has been awarded a number of honors, such as Baby-friendly hospital (jointly granted by the United Nations Children's Fund and the World Health Organization), National Advanced Unit for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization, National Civilization Unit and National Advanced Collective of Maternal and Child Health Services. 

In April 2015, the State Council awarded the hospital's Huang Guoning with the honorary title National Advanced Worker, and appointed him as the fourth chairman-elect of the Reproductive Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association.

In November 2015, the hospital was rated an Excellent Baby-friendly Hospital during the review of National Baby-friendly Hospitals of 2014 to 2015.

In February 2016, the hospital was named a Chongqing City Safe Demonstration Hospital of 2015 by the Chongqing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission and the Chongqing Municipal Comprehensive Social Security Control Commission.

In March 2016, it was evaluated by the State Administration of Administrative Affairs, the State Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Finance as among the second group of resource-efficient public institutions in China.

In March 2016, the Chongqing Society of Science and Technology, Culture and Physical Education and Sports Workers named the Women Workers Committee of the Hospital Trade Union as an Advanced Women Workers Committee.

In March 2016, the hospital was placed in the first group of Chongqing Clinical Medical Research Centers by the Chongqing Municipal Council for Science and Technology and Chongqing Municipal Health and Family Planning.

In April 2016, the hospital was awarded the Chongqing May 1 Labor Award of 2016.

In September 2016, Huang Guoning was named Chief Medical Expert of Chongqing City by the Chongqing Municipal Health and Family Planning Committee.

In November 2016, the hospital's WeChat account was among the top 100 of Chinese hospitals, in the top 20 of those of China's women's and children's hospitals, and in the top 10 of those of Chongqing hospitals.

In December 2016, the hospital was designated a 2016 Advanced Unit for Cross-sectional Investigation of Hospital Infection, an honor jointly recognized by the National Hospital Infection Monitoring Network and the National Hospital Infection Monitoring and Management Training Base.

In March 2017, the hospital was named a National Advanced Base for the Maternal and Child Health Care Technology Promotion Project of 2016.

In 2016 and again in 2017 it was ranked by the China Association of Maternal and Child Health Care as a good base of gynecologic endocrinology.

The hospital has also been named an advanced women workers' organization in Chongqing's education, science, culture, health and sports system.

In August 2017, Huang Guoning was awarded the Bethune Medal of the national health and family planning system.

In September 2017, the hospital was named best 2016 National Advanced Unit for Monitoring the Price and Cost of Medical Services.

In September 2017, Huang Guoning was awarded the honorary title Famous doctor of China.

In September 2017, the hospital's Zhou Deping and Yang Jun won the third prize of the Chongqing Science and Technology Progress Awards for key diagnosis and treatment techniques and clinical applications for cervical diseases.

In November 2017, the hospital won excellent awards in the Chongqing Municipal First Resident Standardized Training in Clinical Skills Competition(Surgical group and Non-Surgical group).