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Guian equipped with 1000-grade clean lab

Updated : 2018-10-11 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print


Researchers carry out sample test and analysis in the lab on Aug 17. [Photo/gaxqb.com]

A 1000-grade clean lab has been established in Guian New Area, Southwest China's Guizhou province, becoming the area's first 1000-grade clean lab. 

Co-designed by Guizhou Tongwei Analytical Technology Co and Nanjing Fuwei Environmental Purification Co, the lab refers to the design of the Radioisotope Generator Lab at the University of Queensland. 

Covering an area of 200 square meters, the lab is equipped with a constant temperature and humidity system. The amount of dust is strictly controlled at under 1,000 per cubic meter. 

Located at the High-end Equipment Manufacturing Park in Guian, the Guizhou Tongwei company was established in August 2015. It specializes in various testing and analytical technologies, such as sample pre-treatment, generator separation and purification.