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Big data improves life quality in Guian

Updated : 2018-04-17 Print

As rapid development of big data becomes apparent in Guian New Area, Southwest China's Guizhou province, various fields have improved their efficiency and convenience, bringing a lot of benefit to local people. 

By taking advantage of big data, farmers in the area are now in the transition period from traditional production to modern and efficient plantations, and big data provides them with better insights into the market and how to grow customized crops. 

Online agricultural courses are available to help the farmers increase their incomes. Furthermore, distance training and consultation with experts offer useful ways to improve crop quality. 

In addition, through the promotion of a Guian tourism application, people in the area have a new way of increasing income by providing accommodation to visitors. 

The smart tourism application enables travelers in Guian to have a complete awareness of the tourist destinations in the area and even to appoint tour guides or rent cars. 

Xinghu was the first cloud community to apply "Internet Plus" in Guian, where residents can monitor their homes through a mobile application. It also provides special areas for students' after-school study while waiting for their parents. 

Besides, residents can deal with a lot of daily affairs through the community's cloud platform, including healthcare examinations, education registration, house management and online shopping.