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Enterprise Partner service boosts firms in Hefei tech hub

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: February 5, 2024

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An Enterprise Partner service symposium gets underway. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_da57a4eb9d4e]

The Grand Union of Innovation or GUI – a tech hub located in Hefei, capital of East China's Anhui province – implemented the "Enterprise Partner" service mechanism last year.

It was rolled out in June and was designed to further propel the development of the enterprises in the GUI.

A special service team for the initiative worked with its innovation unit partners, Hefei Scenario Application Innovation Promotion Center Co Ltd and business allies.

They established a comprehensive Enterprise Partner service system covering the entire lifecycle of enterprises, from seed-stage to incubation and acceleration. This service mechanism includes a wide range of offerings – encompassing investment and financing, popularization of science and technology, policy services, innovation training and business connections.

Following the launch of the Enterprise Partner service mechanism in June 2023, a total of 87 companies within the GUI were visited by the end of the year.

The initiative helped 14 enterprises obtain a total of 15 million yuan ($2 million) from the special policy fund of the GUI, while five companies secured nearly 10 million yuan in start-up loan support. What's more, eight enterprises are in line to receive nearly 45 million yuan in direct investment from the GUI guiding fund.

In 2023, the Grand Union of Innovation Service Platform Co Ltd regularly conducted coaching and training, including an equity incentive workshop program and a future business training program. These sessions reached over 200 enterprises, with over 30,000 participants online. The company also organized 11 sessions to interpret the specific policies of the GUI, providing services to over 1,000 companies. Additionally, the company established policy Q&A groups on QQ and WeChat, involving more than 800 individuals and addressing inquiries from 184 companies.

Recently, the Grand Union of Innovation Service Platform Co Ltd held four Enterprise Partner symposiums. It invited 12 companies that participated in its equity incentive workshop program to engage in one-on-one discussions to address specific business concerns.

Monday-Friday 8:30-18:00

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