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Policy support for priority talent in professional fields

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: November 23, 2023

I. Scope of application

The Municipal Committee for the Introduction of Urgently Needed and Scarce Talent will identify and grant the following preferential policies to talents and teams in the fields of education, health, audit, finance, planning and construction, safety production – and in other fields under the jurisdiction of Hefei city, who meet the necessary requirements.

II. Policy content

1. Streamline the procedures for introducing talent and teams to the corresponding municipal organs and institutions and include them in the establishment management.

2. Provide the household registration family policy of the city for those who buy houses in Hefei and grant them priority when buying their first self-occupied house.

3. For the introduction of qualified excellent talents and teams:

(1) Those who do not have their own housing in Hefei can rent talent apartments for free for three years with a floor space of up to 120 square meters; and can buy apartments according to the same area standard and enjoy a 20 percent discount on the purchase price of the units.

(2) Those who buy their first self-occupied house in Hefei can enjoy a housing subsidy of 20 percent on the average price of commercial housing at the time of purchase – with the property area for calculating the housing subsidy being no more than 120 sq m and the talent apartment policy not being repeated.

(3) Enjoy relevant guarantees in spouse employment, children's education and other aspects.

(4) Especially excellent talent and teams of such professionals introduced as a whole can enjoy tailor-made support.

Policy consultations:

12345 talent hotline: +86-551-12345

Hefei Talent Development Group:




(Consultation times: 8:30-12:00, 14:30-17:30 each working day)

Monday-Friday 8:30-18:00

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